The 11 ADVANCED “Closing” Techniques

Sell from the Stage


This is a Special Offer for those who are acting on the Book More Stages TODAY And Want To Discover How To Close 20-80% of Your Audience From The Stage. Without Hard Selling.


"Ted is like Superman. As a single mom I needed to make things happen fast. You fly to a whole new level with your vision, your message, and your income in this course. Ted helped me dial in my messaging and now I’m making six figures through online webinars and I’ve never been more free and happy in my life."

Maria Whalen
Founder of Zhi3Fusion

Discover How To Close 20-80% of Your Audience From The Stage Without HardSelling

Do you speak or want to speak on other people’s stages?

But, there could be ONE

big problem.

Do you fear “THE CLOSE” from the stage?

I know, I know... I feared closing for years.

In fact, I broke out into full body sweats and almost passed out on stage one time.

It was AWFUL!!!

However, Today I sell $200,000 programs from the stage. 

(a handful of people in the world can do this)

How do I do it?

How have I converted up to 77% of the room on $2,000 products?

When, only 7 years ago, I was BLANKING from the stage. 
(that’s right the BIG DONUT in sales)

Here’s the secret...


I INSPIRE my clients to take action from the stage.

Do you want my system for “CLOSING” from the stage?


Here are 3 MASSIVE Blocks that hold speakers back from improving their “Closing” ratio.

  • They are afraid to BOOK stages because they have a secret block that No One will say YES to their offer
  • They make the fatal “One Call To Action” from the stage and forget about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Call To Action. Did you know that my 3rd and 4th CTA is what tripled my revenue when selling from the stage. But, you have to know EXACTLY how to do it...
  • They don’t value THEMSELVES or their program

Now, for the # 1 Mistake speakers make when making an OFFER from the stage...

Are you ready?

They think that knowing how to make an offer is the same as getting 10%, 20%, 30%, and Even 80% to sign up or “CLOSE".

You can have the EXACT structure of how to make an offer and COMPLETELY bomb from stage.

Structure isn’t enough.

You MUST know, the 11 ADVANCED “Closing” Techniques that make ALL the difference in the world.

By now, you know that “Closing” is really “Inspiring.” 

(so when I say close I mean INSPIRE)

When I say Advanced, this doesn’t mean that you have to be an advanced speaker.

This means that when you learn them, you will be a more advanced speaker then people who have been selling and speaking for a decade. 

How do I know these techniques?


I’ve spoken on hundreds of stages over the last 7 years from India To Japan 

To The U.S. (Across Continents) 

Yes, this works in ALL cultures, considering I have clients in over 50 countries around the globe.

My first STAGE talk ever, I broke out into sweats and sat down in the front row with the audience  in a state of SHOCK!!  

My 2nd STAGE talk ever, I made an offer to 51 people and it felt like I was SHOT by 51 machine guns of REJECTION!!!

My first SEMINAR, that I ever lead, I had 27 people in the room and was afraid to make an offer so I made NO SALES and I Served NO ONE.

Lesson # 1:
If I never make an offer, No One will EVER buy
Lesson # 2:
If I can’t make an OFFER then I can’t serve my clients in their transformation long term.
Lesson # 3:
If I get booked on a stage and then I don’t “CLOSE” well, I won’t be invited back.

OUCH…talk about killing a speaking career before it starts.

Then, my 2nd seminar ever I made an offer and made SIX FIGURES in a weekend.

What was the difference?

At that point in my career, I only knew 2 of the 11 “closing/inspiring” techniques.

Today I have a multi-million dollar speaking business and it’s because I understand 11 ADVANCED closing techniques that 99.999% of the WORLD DOES NOT KNOW. 

What are they?

When you enroll in my program today, you will get My SELL FROM THE STAGE SYSTEM that will FOREVER change your life…



A sneak peack inside the 3 Systems



75 minute DEEP DIVE video training to Help You:

  • Triple Your sales
  • Sell with AMAZING confidence
  • Create a Table Rush
  • Tell Powerful Stories To Inspire The Sale
  • Learn The Best Call TO Action Methods on The Planet
  • Transform Lives WHILE making your offer
  • Help your audience stand for their dreams and vision
  • Master Making The Offer With Poise and Ease
  • Look Forward To Selling From The Stage
  • Sell High-End Programs Like Falling Off a Log 
    (that’s how easy it can be)

I know it’s this easy because I make $200,000 offers from the stage and I’m also  a stage performer… 

With this kind of experience, the high-end offer happens to be the easiest offer I make!!! 

3 principles For Closing:

  • Closing is about inspiring people to take action
  • Closing is helping people stand for themselves when they aren’t ready to stand for themselves yet 
  • Closing is selling people on a bigger future that they can’t  see yet 

So Let’s just call CLOSING, INSPIRING!!!

My Client Paulie Sokolski made $146,000 selling on someone else’s stage...

Here what he has to say…


The Pricing and Packaging Program for Speakers and Seminar Superstars!

Most Speaker Don’t know how to price their offers or package them...


My pricing and packaging program is a 90 minute audio training on…

  • How To Price Your High End Coaching Programs in line with your 
  • 3 Steps To Create The Structure for your program so it doesn’t SUCK your time  (time for dollars trap)
  • My Secret To Get paid double or triple what you’re thinking you should get paid  RIGHT NOW

This works for programs you will sell from the stage and programs you will sell face to face.

My Client Brandon Hawk Made his first offer EVER from the stage and sold a $75,000 Coaching Program at his live event. He sold 3 of them in one day and made over $220,000. 

Here’s what Brandon has to say…

"I did a real Million Dollars in sales in 18 months. Ted, getting your perspective changed the game for me." - Brandon Hawk


Never Be Closing Sales System: The 7 Essentials Of Inspired Sales Success

My Best Selling Book and Audio Program ($497 Value) 

The Ultimate 10 hr audio series of my 15 year career as a Sales Master

  • Learn The Secret to Unwavering Confidence in a Sales Situation 
  • Get 90% of Your Results Before you Show Up to the Meeting
  • Discover The Mystery Behind Why Some Clients Buy and Others Walk
  • Know Why Communication That Flat Out Sells 
  • Find out The Opening Sales Conversation for Immediate Results 
  • Turn Thousand Dollar Customers into Hundred Thousand Dollar Customers
  • Transform Objections into Assets

My Client Betty Murray sold TWO $25,000 programs before her firstlive event with this system and then broke six figures at her seminar. 

Whether you want to do you own live events or Not, this system has made me millions and my clients millions. 

Right now you have the exact system you need to MASTER “Closing”  from the stage. 

Truth is, these techniques will make you even more powerful off the stage.

This is for you if you:

  • Speak from the stage and want to TRIPLE your “closing ratio” (inspire ratio)
  • Want To Speak From The Stage and are afraid to sell
  • Want To get Booked on Stages But Think You Might FAIL to close people
  • Lead Seminars and Want To Sell High End or Low End Programs from the stage    
    ($297 - $200,000)
  • Desire To Transform People’s Lives Through Speaking. Even if you’re trying speaking out to see if it’s a fit for you - Whether you are brand new or a veteran .

Special Bonus

The 5 Stories To Help You Close MORE From The Stage ($197 Value)

60-minute Video Training on The 5 Stories To Sell MORE! Most people sell to hard and don’t use the power of stories to sell.

I know something about this because I have a 75 minute ONE MAN THEATER SHOW 
called GOOD ENOUGH, on my life story. 

I play 15 characters during that show, and it is the day of my Superstar Speaker Training  Live Event. People travel from 25 countries to come see me and that show helps  me bring in the BEST CLIENTS EVER. 

In my training, I will hold your hand step by step through a series of videos that teach  you 
exactly what you need to create an amazing presentation that sells with ease. 

Stories connect clients to your message and inspire their hearts.

I will give you a hint… One is your PERSONAL STORY.

Enroll Today to find out the other 4.

It’s the difference between being a GREAT STAGE SPEAKER and Average!

Here’s a picture of me at my show!

My Client Kathleen Mehler made her first offer for $5,000 on a stage

with 22 people and enrolled 8 clients for a total of $40,000!!

Her STORY moved people.

Not BAD!!!

My promise to you

If you go through the training and implement and it does not help you sell, simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll give you your money back.

The 11 ADVANCED “Closing” Techniques

Sell from the Stage


This is a Special Offer for those who are acting on the Book More Stages TODAY And Want To Discover How To Close 20-80% of Your Audience From The Stage. Without Hard Selling.


Don't Just Take My Word For It

Meet My Clients That Have 6 and 7 Figure Speaking Businesses and Some of Them Were Petrified To Sell From The Stage.


Brandon Hawk
A Pastor who went from $60,000 per year to $1,000,000 in sales In 18 months, with no online marketing.
Kathleen Graham
Made six figures enrolling high paying clients at her first retreat.
Henry Aldana
A CPA who is now enrolling clients into $60,000 Coaching programs.
Sharnie Bennett
social media expert who saw the light And is now making a cool 15 k per month enrolling high paying clients.

Disclaimer: each client testimonial that you see is based on what our clients tell us. We don't verify their financial statements, we take their word on it. Getting results in building a business is hard, and each of our clients works really hard to get results. We don't guarantee any results and you should know that building a business and investing in marketing is a risk.


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