How to Book MORE Stages With Ease in 30 Days or Less!

Book More Stages


YOU CAN build a lucrative speaking career and pack your life events while impacting humanity. Order the 3 Simple Tools and get started today!


"My family and I will be forever grateful to you Ted. I did a real million dollars in sales in the last 18 months since enrolling in Message To Millions. Ted McGrath’s perspective and coaching is absolutely priceless. I give Ted and his program my highest recommendation."

Brandon Hawk
Founder of YOUTraining

There's a Superstar Speaker in the World Today and it's YOU...

This New Kind of Speaker is...

  • The Speaker That Wants To Share His Voice With The World
  • The Aspiring Speaker That Wants To Get Booked On Stages
  • The Seminar and Workshop Expert That Wants To Pack Live  Events
  • The Expert That Wants To Master Speaking and Selling From  The Stage

Real Speakers Make an Impact by Getting booked on Stages And Getting Paid To Sell From The Stage.  Making Offers From OTHER people's stages is one of the fastest ways to get clients, get paid, and pack your own live events.

But the question that may be on your mind is:

How Do I Get Booked In 30 days or Less so I can make money and build a real career doing this?


If I Do Get Booked, What and How Do I Sell From The Stage?

Today, A Newly Released Edition of The Book More Stages Blueprint has arrived - which includes The Stage Booking Formula, The Presentation Formula, and The Ultimate Offer System

A Comprehensive Blueprint for Booking Stages!

Dear Coach, Speaker, and Expert,

Do you want to make $10,000 To $50,000 in a weekend speaking on someone else’s Stage?

Would you like to know how I built a million dollar seminar business in less than 3 years?


No More Sitting around and waiting for people to discover you.

No More Hoping that one day you can become a speaker.

And No More BACK OFF from speaking or selling from the stage.

Today is YOUR day.

Here’s the best part…

When you get my Book MORE Stages Blueprint you could get two Massive Results:

  • $10,000 - $50,000 per month speaking on other people’s stages
  • Pack Your Own Seminar Rooms with 20-100 people

At my first seminar EVER, I got 27 people in the room and BLANKED. I sold nothing.

Because I didn’t know how to make an offer.

At my 2nd Seminar ever I made 6 figures in one weekend.

Do you know how I filled my 2nd seminar with 80 people?


But none of this is possible if you don’t get booked on stages now.

You need to know that it is entirely realistic and possible to get booked on stages in LESS than 30 days from now.

This is how…

"Ted is like Superman. As a single mom I needed to make things happen fast. You fly to a whole new level with your vision, your message, and your income in this course. Ted helped me dial in my messaging and now I’m making six figures through online webinars and I’ve never been more free and happy in my life."

Maria Whalen
Founder of Zhi3Fusion


You need 3 simple Tools To Succeed in Getting Booked and Making Offers

Tool # 1

3 Step Formula For Booking Local and National Stages

I know something about BOOKING STAGES and I know something about Bombing on stages.

When I was 22 years old I spoke in front of a room full of CPA's and completely Bombed. Full Body Sweats and Almost Passed out. I thought I would never get on another stage again.

I thought money and fame would bring me meaning, until I discovered that the greatest meaning comes from helping others create meaningful lives.

That's why I became a speaker and theater performer. To share a story and message that truly matters.

Not only do I have meaning but I now have a Multi Million Dollar Speaking Business Doing What I Love…

Because I got back on that stage after I FAILED the first time.

... Today, I also perform a One Man Show, Playing 15 Characters From My Life Story, All over the world.

There's Nothing Like ROCKING the stage and getting paid for it.

What's your story? How do you want to make your mark on someone's stage.

It's time to get booked on stages now, by creating a powerful presentation and offer that will help you start Booking Stages TODAY and at the very least, in 30 days or less.

But first, You need to get booked on LOCAL and NATIONAL Stages and My Blueprint Shows You: 

  • How To Find and Book Stages In Your Local Area So You Can Master Your Presentation
  •  How to make Free Offers From The Stage and Make Five or Six Figures Even if You're Not Allowed To Sell

I made $41,000 in sales on Loral Langemeier's Stage with only 15 Minutes To Speak and I Could only make a free Offer. Find out How I Did It! 

  • How To Develop Relationships with Speakers who Have 400-500 Person Stages and Get Booked On Their Stages

I got on Marcia Wieder's 400 person stage and in 45 minutes put 22 people in my live event and made $50,000 from one client.

  • How To Pack Your Live Events By Speaking On Other People's Stages
  • How To get Booked on International Stages
  • My Secret On How I Have A Seminar Room Filled with 100 people every weekend for 52 Straight Weeks

Brand New To Speaking, NO PROBLEM!

Don't Know How To Sell, NO PROBLEM

Don't Know Where to Find STAGES, NO PROBLEM!


Tool # 2

The Presentation Formula For Captivating your Audience With Connection and Authenticity

People ask me all the time how I make offers from $2,000 To $200,000 

From The Stage

ONE WORD… Presentation.

I have developed the most comprehensive presentation formula in the business.

One of the most important aspects of a masterful presentation is STORY

  • Your Brand Story - Helping People Become Who They’ve always dreamed Of
  • Your Personal Story - Raw and Vulnerable Storytelling With Credibility Built In
  • Case Stories About Your Clients - This Handles 90% of the Objections

Imagine Creating Stories about your brand that is so compelling, people are salivating to join your programs before you ever make an offer.

The Next Most Important is: MESSAGE

I call this the Single Thread Method. What you share in your presentation must have a message that connects to the offer or you are DOOMED.

Speakers make mistakes when they don’t have a consistent and compelling message that speaks to their audience.

The Third Aspect is CONTENT.

Do you get stuck at trying to create your content?

Do you throw up on your audience and try and give to much?

If you don't rock your presentation then your OFFER will Fail.

The Presentation Formula will be delivered to you in a Video training with downloadable worksheets and you will walk away with your DREAM presentation.

There's NOTHING worse than getting up on stage and Bombing!

Trust me, I know!

When I was 22 I spoke in front of a room full of CPA’s and broke out into the worst sweats ever and almost passed out.

It was because I didn’t know my presentation. I forgot my lines. I was too scripted, I wasn’t authentic and I didn’t know how to connect.

I almost got out of the speaking business permanently before I ever got in it because of one awful presentation. Major Unworthiness issues.

Today, there is no one I know of that sells High end Packages at $200,000 from the stage, except me and one of my clients Brandon Hawk.

Tool # 3

The Ultimate Offer - A 12 Point Worksheet To Design Your Offer

Imagine a Simple Offer that shows you:

  • How To Regularly Inspire 30% of the Room To Buy Your Programs
  • How To Make 3 Powerful Call To Actions That Will Double Your Sales
  • The Secret To Supreme Confidence While Making Your Offer
  • 3 Mistakes To Avoid That Will Kill Your Offer
  • How To Increase Your Pricing Through The Power of Story and Client Case Studies
  • The Ultimate Offer Comes with a 3 hour Video Training and Worksheets To Rock Your Sales From the Stage 
    (This will rock your results from Other People’s stages and your stage if you lead live events)  

Yes, You too can have a Lucrative Speaking and Expert Business.

It's time to start speaking from the stage, so you stop trading time for dollars in the one to one model.

It's time to create a clear and compelling presentation, that rocks and inspires your audience.

It's time to design the Ultimate offer from the stage that your clients can't refuse, and for you to learn the art of making the offer in The BOOK MORE STAGES PROGRAM.

If you BOOK STAGES local and national…

Master Your Presentation

Present a Powerful and Compelling Offer,

And Get Them To Say YES to Your OFFER...

You would be off to a FAST START in Booking STAGES in the next 30 days making some serious revenue.  

How to Book MORE Stages With Ease in 30 Days or Less!

Book More Stages


YOU CAN build a lucrative speaking career and pack your life events while impacting humanity. Order the 3 Simple Tools and get started today!



Ted McGrath has created 5 Household Brands and Made Millions Teaching Coaches, Speakers, and Service Based Business Owners How To Turn Their Life Story Into A Message that Impacts Millions and Makes Millions.

He is in the Coaching, Speaking and Information Business as well as The Entertainment Industry, where he has taken his Life Story and turned it into a 75-minute One Man Theater Show. In his One Man Theater show, Ted plays 10 Characters on stage from his Life Story, called GOOD ENOUGH.

Ted has created a movement called The Good Enough Movement, where he believes people all around the world are struggling to follow their message, their calling, and their gift, because they just don't feel good enough.

He has devoted his life to transformation, storytelling, and helping others share their true message with the world.



Don't Just Take My Word For It

Meet My Clients That Have 6 and 7 Figure Speaking Businesses and Some of Them Were Petrified To Sell From The Stage.


Brandon Hawk
A Pastor who went from $60,000 per year to $1,000,000 in sales In 18 months, with no online marketing.
Kathleen Graham
Made six figures enrolling high paying clients at her first retreat.
Henry Aldana
A CPA who is now enrolling clients into $60,000 Coaching programs.
social media expert who saw the light And is now making a cool 15 k per month enrolling high paying clients.
Sharnie Bennett


Well, you've just seen it from my clients. 

Not only have some of my clients made a fortune with this formula, but more importantly they are:

  • Making an Impact
  • Sharing Their Voice
  • Living THeir Dream
  • Role Models To Their Families and Communities
  • Getting Paid To Serve Their Clients and
  • Pack Their Own Live Events 

Is there a more noble profession in the world than becoming a Speaker Who Changes People's Lives?

I don't believe there is, but I do believe in You.

I believe it's your time.

I believe this program isn't just worth thousands, I believe it is worth hundreds of thousands.

Because the cost of not Sharing One’s Voice and serving others is too great for some people to even stomach.

My promise to you

If you go through the training and implement and it does not help you sell, simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll give you your money back.

How to Book MORE Stages With Ease in 30 Days or Less!

Book More Stages


YOU CAN build a lucrative speaking career and pack your life events while impacting humanity. Order the 3 Simple Tools and get started today!


Disclaimer: each client testimonial that you see is based on what our clients tell us. We don't verify their financial statements, we take their word on it. Getting results in building a business is hard, and each of our clients works really hard to get results. We don't guarantee any results and you should know that building a business and investing in marketing is a risk.


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